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Offered Services

Civil Engineering

  • Civil work, road construction, road maintenance services
  • Water reticulation construction
  • Water reservoir construction
  • Construction of sewer reticulation system
  • Civil infrastructure
  • Plant hire
  • Mining contracts
  • Mining civil works

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems

Electrical Installation Services, Repairs & Maintainance

Industrial & Domestic Civil Engineering Installations, Repairs & Maintainance

Plumbing Installations, Services and Repairs

Customer Base Brief

The customers for our products include among others: financial institutions, manufacturing companies, governmental buildings, private companies, productions companies, non-governmental organisations, the affluent in the society, hospitals, army barrack storage, horticultural firms, dairy production companies, pharmaceuticals and many more.

Our existing clients include financial institutions such as ZIMRA as well a hospitals, government departments under the ministry of local government, sever rooms for many corporations, and pharmaceutical companies like CAPS Holding, Schweppes Zimbabwe manufacturer of soft juices, many private companies and individuals.

Supporting Professional Advisor & Services

(a). Electrical hardware systems support companies

(b). Consulting Engineering

  • Reclon Consultants
  • Vanguard Engineering
  • Consultance
  • CGM Consultance
  • Promecs Consultants